Monday, November 21, 2011

Sano Ichiro Series by Laura Joh Rowland

In my continual search for new series to read, I downloaded the Sano Ichiro series by Laura Joh Rowland.
These are mysteries set during the feudal times of Japan.The main protagonist is the Shogun's main detective Sano Ichiro and each book presents a new mystery for him to solve along with the add on of political intrigue.
Having read the foremost writers in mystery fiction , these books are quite put-downable. Mostly mystery/murder series are such that one is unable to leave the book once started, and the depth of characterization is so detailed and full of intrigue that we want to follow the main protagonist to the next book as soon as possible.I have actually read series on series without a break.
In comparison, these mysteries are quite staid and one can take a break- read another more urgent book and again come back to these.
On the positive side, they present a very good picture of life in Japan during the imperial times, the way people lived, ate, dressed, their code of honor etc.
Laura Joh has written 15 books featuring Sano and these are worth a read if you are out of choice as I was...

Meal plan for 9 month old baby girl

Am noting the meal plan that I follow for my 9 month old baby.On searching the net realized that there is a dearth of good meal plans for babies , and new moms searching for guidance should find some help here.
6.00 a.m.- milk and then she goes back to sleep
8.30 am - get up & massage
9-9.30 am- 2 scoops ragi powder +sugar+ghee + 1 cup milk.The ragi powder is first mixed in the cold milk and then cooked till a boil comes.
10.30 am- bath
11.00 am- either one egg OR 2 badam
12.00-2.30 pm- nap
3.00 pm- 2 spoons rice+1 spoon moong dal+some potatoes/carrot and whatever veg is getting cooked that day.This is alternated with curd rice every other day.
5.00 pm- milk
7.00 pm- nestum 4 scoops +nan2  2 scoops
9.00 pm- milk and sleep

Hope this is helpful.
DD just turned 9 months and planning to start her on sattu mav soon.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat- Review

Just finished reading Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat.
Found it to be a totally uninspiring simplistic story.Earlier books by Mr.Bhagat had some twist or the uniqueness of the plot would keep us hooked.In contrast, Revolution 2020 has nothing new to offer.It has the same voice, similar scenarios and the end was guessable much earlier.

Wondering what happened to him.I am increasingly finding that very few indian authors are able to maintain their momentum - most of the books are caricatures of each other.The style of writing is sooo predictable.Case in point is Ashwin Sanghi's book "Chanakya's Chant"- superbly predictable.I felt as I have seen this movie/serial/story upteenth of times.Yet, even when reading certain stories revamped, they are still interesting yet Chanakya's Chant was even more boring- could not wait for the book to finish.
Now you can guess, how boring  "Revolution 2020" was, that I spent my full time writing about other topics yet could not write anything interesting about the book.

Reading books by Lisa Gardner nowadays, so will be back with those....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hello World

Hello World,

Being a new mother, yet an avid reader , words have been playing around in my mind for a very long time waiting for an outlet.
Recently started using my iPhone for short notes written to myself.
Aiming to use this blog for putting across reviews of the upteenth books I read , as well as my take on motherhood, managing hobbies and much more....