Monday, November 21, 2011

Meal plan for 9 month old baby girl

Am noting the meal plan that I follow for my 9 month old baby.On searching the net realized that there is a dearth of good meal plans for babies , and new moms searching for guidance should find some help here.
6.00 a.m.- milk and then she goes back to sleep
8.30 am - get up & massage
9-9.30 am- 2 scoops ragi powder +sugar+ghee + 1 cup milk.The ragi powder is first mixed in the cold milk and then cooked till a boil comes.
10.30 am- bath
11.00 am- either one egg OR 2 badam
12.00-2.30 pm- nap
3.00 pm- 2 spoons rice+1 spoon moong dal+some potatoes/carrot and whatever veg is getting cooked that day.This is alternated with curd rice every other day.
5.00 pm- milk
7.00 pm- nestum 4 scoops +nan2  2 scoops
9.00 pm- milk and sleep

Hope this is helpful.
DD just turned 9 months and planning to start her on sattu mav soon.

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